Modern Technology that Makes Weapons "Smart"

The T-Worx technology platform transforms the Military’s small arms into data nodes on the battlefield network

  • Substantially reduces weight by consolidating batteries
  • Fuses sensor and enabler data on the weapon
  •  Integrates weapon and enabler data with battlefield network
  • Enables a “train-as-you-fight” approach

The Problem:

Small arms in today’s Military are disconnected

  • Disconnected: No integration to soldier or tactical battlefield networks / systems
  • Lost Data: Valuable, real-time data discarded
  • Too Heavy: Multiple unique power sources for enablers / accessories add weight and logistics complexities

The Solution:

The data-centric T-Worx Intelligent Rail® and Rail Operating System (ROS)

  • Real-time data and analytics from the battlefield allows for faster command decision making
  • Includes high-resolution streamed video
  • The only platform compliant with the U.S. Army Smart Rail requirements and NATO STANAG 4740
  • Development and commercialization of our patent protected technology platform underway since 2010
  • Consolidated power and centralized communication

Introducing the T-Worx Intelligent Rail® Platform

An Advanced Technology Platform

The Intelligent Rail® and Rail Operating System (ROS) form a smart technology platform that connects commanders and soldiers to the battlefield network, boosting a warfighter’s situational awareness, lethality and safety.

Robust Platform for Making Weapons Smart and Enhancing Situational Awareness and Training

T-Worx’s smart rail technology combines its patent-protected I-Rail device, a sealed, ruggedized hardware, with its ROS software and other
applications and accessories to create a highly-differentiated platform that connects soldiers’ weapons to the battlefield network.

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