About Us

Making Weapons Smart

T-Worx Holdings, LLC is a technology and licensing company based in Sterling, VA that has developed the Intelligent Rail® (I-Rail®) platform -- a patented platform technology that powers, connects, and communicates data from rifles and accessories to command centers on and off the battlefield. The discrete data broadcasts from the I-Rail® platform feed analytics on ground troop movement, their actions and events, and enables high-resolution video streamed in real time.

Now a NATO standard, the I-Rail® is positioned to be standardized on next generation weapons and enablers and is also available today for law enforcement and enthusiast MSR markets.

SBIR Phase III Achievement

T-Worx started the Intelligent Rail® development effort with a US Army Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I contract in early 2008. Following the successful SBIR Phase I effort, T-Worx received a SBIR Phase II R&D contract which resulted in prototype systems and successful live-fire testing demonstrations for the US Army. Recognizing the importance of the Intelligent Rail® technology, the US Army selected T-Worx for a highly competitive SBIR Commercialization Pilot Program (CPP) contract, followed by an SBIR Phase II Enhancement Contract. The T-Worx team achieved rare SBIR Phase III status with successful integration on the Army NGSAR and now NGSW programs. We are preparing for volume production and we look forward to further weapon, enabler and battlefield network integration activities.


Rick Sterrett

Chief Executive Officer

  • Over 35 years of operating experience in both Fortune 50 and early stage technology companies
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Devin Schain

Executive Chairman

  • Serial entrepreneur with 30 years experience investing in more than 40 early-stage companies with four successful exits
  • B.A. in Marketing, University of Pennsylvania

Don McLaughlin

President, Co-Founder

  • More than 20 years expertise in US Military and civilian law enforcement
  • I-Rail product integration leader for T-Worx over past 10 years
  • J.D., Catholic University Columbus School of Law
  • B.S. in Political Science, US Air Force Academy

Ben Feldman

Chief Engineer and Co-Founder

  • 30 years’ experience in advanced technology innovation with more than 450 unique inventions
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, George Washington University

Bill Passer

Chief Financial Officer

  • 30 years of experience in C-Suite financial leadership and strategy for growth stage companies
  • MBA, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  • B.S., Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania


T-Worx is a proud member of the following Industry support organizations:

Our Patents

  • Robust and well-supported global patent portfolio of 33 utility and design patents, with 18 patents pending
  • More than 250 claims coverage for both hardware and software aspects of our technology platform
  • Data rail implementation
  • Network connectivity and interoperability
  • System level
  • Power source
  • Accessory components

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