Intelligent Rail®


Power Pack

Optimized power usage to minimize load and weight of a power pack by 45%.


Centralized weapon management, without cables.


Full control of your weapon and comms while you keep both hands on the weapon at all times.

Ballistic Compensation

Centralized weapon and sensor management supports ballistic compensation



The Intelligent Rail® technology, also known as the Powered Rail®, has been developed over the last 10 years under the US Army SBIR program and with private equity funding. The core technology is a sealed, ruggedized Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that is inserted in the center of each Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny Rail. The Intelligent Rail® (I-Rail®) PCB is designed to withstand the rigors of combat, rough use, and extreme barrel temperatures, and is submersible to 20 meters. Originally designed to provide a central power source for all weapon-mounted accessories, the I-Rail® also provides the user with accessory command and control from a rail-mounted control module containing multiple user-assignable control buttons. This control module eliminates any tape-switches or cables and allows the user to control all weapon-mounted devices with his off-hand. The I-Rail® provides secure device integration through the data and communications capability embedded within the I-Rail® PCB and accessory connection. A soldier now has to simply insert the 12-AA battery pack into the buttstock, and carry up to two spare battery packs (weighing less than 13 ounces each) for a 72-hour patrol.

The T-Worx team continues to optimize the Intelligent Rail® data transfer capability in order to meet greater demands for uncompressed video to support sighting systems. T-Worx has already demonstrated transmitting compressed video with targeting data to soldier End User Devices, along with additional data streams. The system is currently capable of handling 25 Mb/sec, with enhancements planned in the near term that will allow for uncompressed, high resolution video streaming over the I-Rail®. As shown in this Figure, the Intelligent Rail ® provides the on-weapon network backbone that connects all weapon-mounted devices with power and data, without the need for external cables or switches, or internal accessory batteries. Current I-Rail transceiver capability accomplishes off-weapon data communication wirelessly via commercial wireless protocol, with follow-on development incorporating secure wireless protocols.


The T:Worx team participated heavily in the concurrent NATO “Powered Rail” Working Group, and in 2012, after an extensive technical evaluation and rigorous hardware testing, the NATO working group selected the Intelligent Rail® as the NATO standard (STANAG) for the “powered” rail. After several years of effort, the final Powered Rail STANAG – AEP-90, was ratified in December 2015 and promulgated to the member countries by the NATO Standards Office in June 2016.

Picatinny Smart Rail

The U.S. Army has identified the need for modernized small arms, and has asked industry to develop and deliver these updated weapons under the Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) program. In this procurement effort, the Army requires that their previously fielded “Picatinny" Rail (named after the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey which developed the rail) be updated to enable the addition of new technology, namely power, networking and data capabilities. The addition of this “Smart Rail” not only allows multiple accessories to be powered by and networked on the rail, it also enables future as-yet unidentified accessories and technology to be powered and networked on this same rail, much like the addition of future apps to a smart phone.

This procurement will result in the U.S. Army being the first armed force to carry “Smart” weaponry, and enables a truly connected battleground. The I-Rail is the only existing platform that meets all of the Army’s Picatinny Smart Rail requirements.

Performance & Features

  • Standardizes Batteries – Simplifies battery management
  • Reduces Batteries Required – Lightens mission load
  • Improves Weapon Balance – Optimize weapon handling, increase lethality
  • Battery “Charge Meter” – Provides instant charge level, saves costs by reducing waste
  • Centralizes Controls – Efficient utilization of weapon accessories
  • Future proofing – Opportunity for more powerful accessories with more functionalities
  • Information Exchange – Connectivity to user network for rapid information transfer and display
  • Improves Situational Awareness – Operators and commanders are enabled to see locations, heading, images and weapons status
  • Reduced form factor and weight of accessories
  • Increase power and capability of accessories
  • Fits all existing AR-15 platform of weapons and ideal for Next Gen platforms
  • Core technology applicable to all weapon platforms with Picatinny Rails
  • Army SBIR funded
  • The Intelligent Rail is protected by U.S. Patents: #7,627,975; #8,141,288; #8,397,418; #8,402,683; #8,443,539; #8,448,368; #8,322,064; #8,146,282; #8,490,313; #8,516,731; #8,776,422, and 9,285,185

Registered Trademarks

Powered Rail®, P-Rail®, Intelligent Rail®, and I-Rail® are registered trademarks of T-Worx Holdings, LLC.

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