Rail Operating System ( ROS)


An Advanced Technology Platform

The combination of the Intelligent Rail® and Rail Operating System form the platform that integrates soldier weapons to the battlefield network, boosting a warfighter’s situational awareness, lethality and safety.

Robust Platform for Making Weapons Smart and Enhancing Situational Awareness and Training

T-Worx’s smart rail technology combines its patent-protected I-Rail device, ROS software, and other applications and accessories to create a highly-differentiated platform that connects the soldier’s weapons to the battlefield network

ROS is the Platform for an Application Ecosystem

I-Rail’s accompanying ROS software provides secure device integration creating a network “backbone” on the rifle. This enables the weapon to become “smart” and participate as an active networked node on the battlefield

    • Integrated software platform that provides network, command and control, and a common data language for I-Rail networks
    • ROS seamlessly bridges between the on-weapon network, the soldiers EUD, and server-based endpoints
    • Real-time sophisticated logic-based multi-sensor solutions that provides increased situational awareness and actionable intelligence

ROS is built around an Extensible, Full-Stack Architecture

I-Rail and ROS make the weapon a Network Node

I-Rail’s integrated, data-centric, mobile communication platform is the foundation of the connected battlefield

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